The Wish-Story

The composer's greatest wish is to hear his song 'If you have a dream' played by the orchestra. Unfortunately the orchestral 'machine' keeps breaking.

The 'fixer' (presenter) checks through the sections one by one to find out what's wrong. It turns out that the brass have forgotten their melody (pitch), the strings are too sad and can only play in a minor key (tonality), the wind keep 'flying off' and need to calm down so that they can play slowly as well as fast (tempo), and the percussion have completely 'lost' the beat (pulse).

The presenter has an interactive musical solution to fix each of these problems.

Eventually, with the help of the audience, all the sections of the orchestra are fixed and the machine is tested by slowly turning up the volume (dynamics).

The orchestra plays a reprise of all the music used to fix the orchestra and the concert ends with 'If you have a dream' sung by the audience.

The Wish 05.png

Photo Stuart Bruce